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Fix plastic waste

Save The Oceans

Unfortunately, plastic is made from oil. However, fortunately we can now process "old plastic" back in to crude oil.

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Our sole objective of selling the oil produced through pyrolysis from Ocean & Beach waste plastic. We work to ensure our seas are healthy, pollution free and protected. Our aim is to collect ocean waste, which is full of plastic, and turning it back to oil.

Shouldn’t any new essential plastic be made from old discarded plastic?
Let’s fix plastic waste together.

But how do we fix this problem?​


For engineering purposes and changing river conditions through erosion, the bed mapping will give us a digital global database.

Install Barier Systems

Only after rigorous due diligence has been completed and the correct advice has been taken will the catchment barrier installation plans be implemented and the timed extraction process prepared.

Collect Waste

As the impact studies are completed and the engineering drawings are sent back to the office they then get approved and “signed off” ready for manufacture and delivery to the installation crews.

Sort Waste

Fortunately, or unfortunately as this case may be, the waste currently found drifting in rivers, other than the odd dead sheep, has been found to be recyclable or at least can be processed.


Turning the waste back to Oil, Gas and Bio Mas fuel pellets.


In the circular economy Owte will be providing valuable raw materials produces from ocean and beach waste.

FREE Feed Stock Floating

Together we will be clearing the ocean and beach waste whilst operating at a profit.

No Drilling

So we keep our sea beds safe from further destruction.

No Exploration costs

We know where all the waste is floating in our ocean.

No Expensive Oil Rigs

Cost effective extraction and processing of all Ocean Waste.

natural eco system

The Circular Economy

Yes we produce Oil, but oil processed from old plastic waste……. ​


Buy a share in the future, YOUR future

Millions of tons of Ocean & Beach waste is worth BILLIONS of dollars in Oil & Gas.

Remember; We have access to more oil reserves than GETTY started with!

Want to go and get it? 

Future proof

Future of Oil Share prices set to rise expodentially

Unfortunately, plastic is made from oil. However, fortunately we can now process “old plastic” back in to crude oil.

Our principle is; if we do have to make NEW PLASTIC, let us “insist” it is produced from OLD PLASTIC!

Unique opportunity for 1 million people to actively save our planet from plastic waste, pollution & corporate exploitation.

We are the most environmentally friendly oil company on the planet. We challenge anyone to say otherwise.

(Demand is high and will only get higher)
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