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The "Peoples" Oil Company....

 We are the most "Environmentally Friendly" Oil company on the planet and we challenge anyone to say different ! 

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Just profit........

 FREE feed stock floating. 

( together we will be clearing the ocean and beach waste whilst operating at a profit )

NO Exploration costs

(we know where it is floating )

NO Drilling ! 

(so the sea beds are safe)

NO Expensive Oil Rigs 

( Cost effective extraction and processing )

OWTE Oil "Help save the oceans and the marine life in it....

Check out this video and share with who you can and wherever you can.......

Future of Oil Share prices

Unfortunately, plastic is made from oil. However, fortunately we can now process "old plastic" back in to crude oil. 

Our principle is; if we do have to make NEW PLASTIC, let us "insist" it is produced from OLD PLASTIC ! 

(Demand is high and will only get higher)

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OWTE Oil Firswood Road Birmingham, B33 0TG United Kingdom