Are you ready for A challenge

How It Works

Turning plastic back to oil?

This isn’t some kind of  ‘new technology,’ this is a provern tried & tested method, only we have a different application.

Through a process called pyrolysis plastics are processed in to Gas & Oil for direct resale.
Mother Nature has kindly blown waste across continents, flushed it down streams & rivers, transported it via tides out to sea, where she currently stores it for free- and together we are going to get it !

Now you could buy a McDonalds meal, a packet of cigarettes even a few lottery tickets or you could invest £10 into to the one thing that not only saves our planet, saves the oceans and saves the marine life in them, but your £10 investment could be the one single chance in life that could just be the key to your future, in many ways.

Like buying a share in Apple at the early stages ‘if’ you had invested £10 in Getty Oil back in 1933 prior to finding the largest oil reserve on the planet, that single £10 share would be worth millions today and this is the chance, the opportunity, OWTE are offering you.

Buy a share, receive the certificate and watch the site as your share value grows, remember at any stage we will buy that share back for the value reported daily, but be carful if you ‘cash-out’ because once sold back, its sold.

Sharing the wealth

We want you to buy something today for £10 (that may only be worth £5 today) but as soon as we are extracting, processing and selling then you will see the value rise!

Funds generated from sales and investment will be re-invested into more and more operations, expanding across the globe.
Clearing, cleaning, processing, producing, selling and expanding our operations.

You are either IN or OUT.

You can help out now to get started or stay on the sideline and watch Owte Oil grow and now you missed out!