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Shares at Owte Oil

For just about every product currently floating in the oceans we have machinery and equipment to process it “back” in to a resalable commodity.

The size of the waste gyres; Some as large as FRANCE !
However, this is now a FREE feed stock, that is also stored for FREE.
The millions of tons of ocean waste become billions of dollars in raw materials.

OWTE Oil’s non evasive exploration methods, without drilling holes in the land, whilst actively clearing the world of pollutants, makes OWTE Oil the most “environmentally friendly” oil company on the planet.

Paul Manning’s president of OWTE Oil: “I challenge anyone to say differently!”.

Join us on this profitable venture. While we clear the oceans of waste and help save our planet, we will also be creating salable commodities, like oil and selling it back to use in our communities. Thus increasing the share prices and making it both a moral and financial gain for us all.